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GoldenTree is a startup Online Multi Level Networking website/system that gives opportunities to everyone to improve their life and wellbeing, owned and managed by MTJVC Marketing.

Our Company is not just focused on referrals or invitations, instead we are mainly focused on creating more ways for all members to gain revenue at the comfort of their homes and not just a one-time revenue but to make sure each and every member of the Company becomes a successful business owner someday.

We have our Coconut products (food, beverage, health and cosmetics) made out of Coconut fruit or tree parts which is mainly supplied by COCO WONDER from Filipino coconut farmers. Buying products from our Company will definitely help this dying coconut industry of the Philippines.


Help aid jobless people and those who are stuck in the so called "rat race" to become financially free and stable no matter what the condition, religious and political belief or even their sexual preference may be.


To be globally known as the fastest growing online/offline networking from the Philippines.


Golden Tree PH — The Fastest Growing 100% Filipino Direct Selling Marketing Company

Given you have extra 1,000 PHP ($20), how would you use it?

Perhaps you have considered starting your own business long before, or have already started but failed to grow it.

There are many factors why we can’t start our own business. And there are also many factors why our business failed too.

1,000 PHP is indeed a very small capital. Generally, small capital = small profit, right?

This post is intended for Filipinos who want to start their own home-based business with small capital but with BIGGER profit/reward.


What is GT PH’s Direct Selling?

Golden Tree PH offers many ways to earn. We have the Traditional, and Non-Traditional. In this post, we will focus on the Traditional, which can be simply explained as Direct Selling.

What are GT PH’s Organic Products?

GT PH’s products are 100% Filipino-made because GT PH supports the local industry. #GawangPinoy #SupportLocal

Nakaka-happy diba?

BTW… Our organic coconut products are fast-moving and easily goes out-of-stock. We are currently working on the pricing as we expand partnership with our manufacturer.

What are the ways to earn thru GT PH?

1) Direct Selling
Each time you purchase a product, you already get up to 50% off in every item. This means you can sell the GT PH products with big profit.

2) Referrals
In every Direct Referral, you earn 200 (Level 1); 100 in every Indirect Referral (Level 2); and 20 in every member thereafter (upto Level 4).

2) Rebates (Passive Income)
When your Directs (Members) purchase every product, you automatically get 5% cash rebate in each purchase. Win-win talaga because your member takes advantage of the 50% discount, plus you earn from his purchase.

How to become GT PH’s Distributor?

Just sign-up thru our website Because GT PH is a multi-level direct selling marketing company and we value the support the growing business of every member, kindly obtain a referral link from any of our existing members or from your friend who referred you.

Lifetime Membership Fee is only 1,000 PHP which comes with FREE products. If you opt to ship the products to your home, simply pay 150 pesos fixed SF anywhere in Pinas.

Unlike other Direct Selling companies, GT PH’s membership fee is one-time fee only which makes it a lifetime-worth of membership.

How can GT PH support you after signing-up?

GT PH has a growing community in Facebook. We will join you in our Facebook group, and give you live updates with our products, pricing, and take part in weekly/monthly challenges, and bonuses and incentives! Certainly, your questions get answered quickly because our Messenger group chat is up 24x7! Definitely no wait time, because GT PH wants you to get results and earn profit the earliest time possible. #TimeIsGold

Thanks, and blessings ahead!

Our Members always happy


MTJVC and its people are very accommodating and approachable. I loved working with them! All the products they offer are in good quality, organic substances are present all of which can be afford by many people. I highly advise to support this company because of its mission and its surprising enthusiasm to help Filipino farmers in promoting and trading local products. The website is also a user-friendly medium to earn and the amount you have worked for can be monitored anytime, anywhere. The company's goal is very favorable as it really lends a hand to members by giving fair opportunity to earn that goes with us, having to embrace the new normal. I am really happy to be part GoldenTreePH!



The site is very handy— it allows the users to familiarize the tabs so easily and get to know a particular button as to which is all about and how much you could get out of working on it. I highly recommend GT Captcha, because unlike any other captcha typing jobs I have come across with: GT Captcha is the best! It gives me the convenience to work anytime without having to rush on typing, and also allows me to save some time for myself and still be able to earn effortlessly. I didn’t regret joining GoldenTreePH for it helped me all the way; in any aspect of the business at hand.



I am pretty much blessed to work with MTJVC. I loved working with the people behind the scene; being surrounded by people with the same vision as mine, positive vibes, passion dedication is an honor. I also love roaming around GoldenTreePH’s website, getting into each tab and see how stylish and artsy the whole thing is makes inspired to work harder. From the generous compensation blueprint it gives people, down to the exquisite place to work everything on, GT is one of a kind. A life-changing company that bestows hope and offers a life that is free of hassles.



having a GT account and be a member is an honor and one of pioneer using this kind of extra money making site with the product. the site is easy to get in and easy to use also simple to browse. the company just starting but very accomodating, This kind of online work is very fit to those who are no work and want to work at home specially now we are facing crisis and virus/viral disease, Me as no work in the first place it helps me very well from typing to marketing and i know will help me in the future. Thank you very much GT!

Ma. Alexandra


Golden Tree PH reveals the purpose behind my passions. Not only I earn weekly, but most importantly, in every day, I relentlessly learn and improve holistically. I am motivated to witness the growth of fellow leaders and members become the best versions of themselves by sharing the wisdom and life-improving techniques to everyone. Through Golden Tree PH, I inspire the world through my words and actions by spreading abundance & financial literary to one Filipino at a time. With MTJV's values, our legacy will continue for generations through perseverance and integrity. That is a certainty.


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069 Don Bosco St. Candido

Magnaye Bldg Mayapa Calamba City,Laguna

(02) 774-70189


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